A holiday for all you lovers out there. Some secret admirers, some, let it be known. The holiday so those that wish, can show their love and appreciation to that special someone. An  extra gesture that makes you think and go out of your way. Maybe it’s a day you get up the courage to let your feelings be known. Yes, even tho we should express year round. I know, truly romantic things in life are those things you do each and every day to show that you care, and most of all that you are thinking of them. It’s going out of your way to make them happy. It’s the random text in the middle of the day to say I love you or I’m missing you. The way you hold their hand when they are scared, or how you save the last piece of cake for them. It’s dedicating his or her favorite song to them or letting them share your fries. It’s putting your phone on silence so that you can let them share their day. It’s slow dancing and kissing in the rain. Yes, true romance is in the small gestures that we can show each and every day.

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” It’s a day of romance, a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. One special day, set a side, so we can show our expressions of love. With only a month a way, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to express your love and appreciation.

Here are a few ideas for you:

Coffee cde050a4-bf6f-4ce5-9b88-5cf42f60c598

The perfect gift to start your day. Roasted to perfection and a variety of specialty coffees to choose from. What, you can’t decide? We have sampler gift boxes.

Chocolates 3

A sure bet to ones heart. There is nothing like, melt in your mouth, let the angels sing, pure joy the truffles bring.  Do you need sugar free? Try Amber Lyn chocolates.

Tea 4 2Tea for Two

Two begin or end your perfect day. Sit back, relax and sup a cup of tea while you reminisce all the good times. A great idea for your friends.