High Altitude Roasting

Why Utah?

“Utah” means people of the mountain. Home to the average tallest mountain peaks in the country. With Utah’s inland location the snow fall is usually dry, which gives the reputation for not only the greatest snow but the greatest powder on earth.

high altitude roasting

Recreation is in abundance for any season. You’re only moments away from National forests and parks, mountainous terrain, rock formations, sand dune deserts, lakes, rivers, ghost towns, mining expeditions, hunting, you name it and Utah has it.

Utah Coffeee Expressions, LLC supports fit, healthy, and happy lifestyles at every turn making this environment an ideal grounds to cultivate the highest quality coffee, chocolates, and teas.

Why Utah for coffee you ask?

For Roasters, Utah’s altitude is especially perfect.

roasted fine coffee

High Altitude Roasting optimizes the flavor with shorter cooking and temperature times. It helps eliminate the burnt flavor that you may get in a lot of other coffees. Altitudes above 3000 feet in elevation are considered high altitude roasting. With the higher altitude it allows for the coffee to be roasted quicker and at lower temperatures which in turn releases the oils slower, thus avoiding the smokey, scorched tastes. Utah’s average altitude is above 4,200 feet allowing for both of these qualities.

The coffee roasters of Utah are able to make you a cup of coffee that tastes as good as it smells. Roasted to perfection, ensuring a delicious cup every time due to the roasters high quality bean, roasting expertise, and local elevation.