Weekend Project

Hello everyone!

This morning while Tina and I sat enjoying our first cup of coffee, she gave me this picture and asked if I would make her one of these for her herbs. She came across the picture on face book and looks like we owe credits to www.themicrogardener.com. So I am going to give it a try! More to come…




So, I just have to update the weekend project. I might just add that I love it. After 1 roll of 3 ft. fencing, over 1200 lbs rock, weed guard, and 22 – 2 cu ft of soil with a lot of plants oh yes and let us not forget about the LABOR 🙂 we are finished. Such an awesome feeling. It’s beautiful! The aroma of the fresh herbs.  You be the judge.

I Love It!    Tina


On to the next project. 😉