Colombian Supremo

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A Medium roast that has a rich, well balanced consistent flavor.


Colombian Supremo This classic South American coffee roasted to a medium roast, has a rich, well balanced consistent flavor. It has medium body and acidity with a distinctive aroma. If you are having trouble deciding which one to buy – you won’t go wrong with this one!  It has become the daily coffee of choice for many coffee lovers.

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1 review for Colombian Supremo

  1. Tina

    This coffee is a no fail roast. Serve it anytime and your guest will love it. A flawless balance of acidity and full body flavor. Colombian beans are larger beans than most of your coffees. They lose their pulp and skin while the fruit is still fresh, this enhances its taste and aroma making it a beautifully flavorful coffee. Definitely on my favorite list.

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