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Star Mountain Roasters

The Legend to star Mountain.

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Star Mountain Coffee RoastersSam, the founder of Star Mountain realized his passion to produce gourmet coffee, and with the support of his family he started Star Mountain Roasters in 1994. The primary market, at that time, was selling gourmet coffee to local upscale coffee shops in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The business has expanded from gourmet coffee to include surrounding states in the intermountain area. A major customer, an Organic Food Specialist, is located in New York City and distributes our Organic Coffees to the gourmet food stores in the New England area.

Our passion to produce the finest gourmet coffee at a competitive price was realized by working with our Organic partners to select the highest quality Arabica coffee beans available. Our artisan roasters ensure that each coffee bean is carefully roasted to bring out the optimum flavor characteristics. All of the roasting and blending is done by a member of the family to ensure quality. The pride of ownership is reflected in every cup. With Star Mountain “it may be just a cup of coffee to you …but a reputation to us.

Millcreek Cacao Roasters

Farm to Bar Chocolate makers Dana and Mark

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dana-brewster-mark-delvecchio-roastersIn the intimate chocolate shop in Utah, Dana and Mark tend to a meticulous process of taking cacao beans through the various stages to produce fine flavored chocolate. Here they roast, winnow, grind, and conche the cacao to produce an exquisite chocolate experience.

The two have traveled to jungles from South America to Africa looking for responsibly grown cacao, they studied and scrutinized the fermentation process to ensure the authenticity of the cacao to ensure that it not only be maintained but nurtured. Dana and Mark have developed close relationships with farmers to ensure their practices are responsible to the environment and to the community.

rare ecuadorian heirloom arriba nacional cacao nibs

At Millcreek Cacao Roasters, they have chosen to use a pure heritage cacao called Arriba Nacional. This naturally occurring cacao has a beautiful floral aroma and unique flavors. Arriba Nacional is grown in the shaded cacao farms in Ecuador’s coastal lowlands where the climate and soil conditions exclusively occur.

Unwrap, taste and enjoy the experience.