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All of our high quality Specialty Coffee and Gourmet Cocoa Roasters are hand selected from the State of Utah.

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Utah Roasted Coffee

Utah’s average altitude is above 4,200 feet. High Altitude Roasting optimizes the flavor with shorter cooking and temperature times. It helps eliminate the burnt flavor that you may get in a lot of other coffees. Altitudes above 3000 feet in elevation are considered high altitude roasting. With the higher altitude it allows for the coffee to be roasted quicker and at lower temperatures which in turn releases the oils slower, thus avoiding the smokey, scorched tastes.

Numi Teas

ORGANIC NUMI TEAS 100% REAL INGREDIENTS For a pure, authentic taste, we blend premium organic teas and herbs with only real fruits, flowers and spices. We never use “natural” flavorings or fragrances like other teas do. All of our products are gluten-free! *Please Note: On occasion it may take us a few days to fill your Numi order as we try to stock to keep your teas as fresh as possible. They are usually shipped within the week.

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Gifts & Samplers

Did you say Gifts and Samplers? We have plenty! Whether you're trying to find that perfect gift for someone that is hard to buy for or just wanting to give yourself a special treat. Why not try specialty roasted coffees, cacao chocolates, and yes, we have teas! With options galore! Find that perfect gift. Get a variety or sample smaller amounts of coffee to find your favorite before the bigger purchase. Impress your friends, family or even the corporate clients. We have specialty roasted coffees to put the aroma in the air. Cacao chocolates that will tempt your taste buds or fun and fancy teas. You will find something for everyone.

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