Do you know that cost of drinking coffee is cheaper than soft drinks, milk and even plain bottled water?
When you stop to think about the social aspect of “THE MOST IMPORTANT” (just my opinion :+) & popular beverages (delicious, fresh brewed coffee), the value of coffee takes on an even greater meaning.

Here are the cost of popular drinks in USA (per 8 oz)

coffee : $0.05 (okay, no luwak, no Blue Mountain, no Geisha…. just regular, awesome tasting coffee from Guatemala, specially from huehue :+)
milk : $0.16
Bottled water : $0.25 (I can not believe that water costs more than coffee/milk..etc do we REALLY have to drink bottled water? save that money to buy more coffee ! )
beer : $0.44
orange juice : $0.79
Table wines : $1.30

By Alex: