How to Make Iced / Brewed Coffee | Recipe & Tips

Iced coffee!  A luxury that doesn’t have to break the bank.

I’ll bet you have tried this at home.

It can’t be that hard, right?

Yep, here it comes aaaaaand “oh yuck”, now you’re wondering how do they make it taste so good at the coffee shop?

Iced, Cold Brewed Coffee

Iced, Cold Brewed Coffee
Filter, Chill and Serve

What everyone needs to know, but the coffee shop won’t tell you. You can’t just turn on the coffee pot, brew a pot of specialty coffee, stick it in the fridge and viola iced coffee. It just doesn’t work that way. However, it is not rocket science either. Have you ever wondered why sun tea taste so much better? You add your tea bags to the jar of water and put it out in the sun and let it do its thing. Making cold brew is kind of the same concept. It does take some planning and waiting time, but the results are amazing.

Some things are just worth the wait and this is one of them. Not everyone has the same tastes so you might want to tweak this to your own liking. Some like it stronger and some like it weak regardless you will not spend your hard earned dollars anymore for this luxurious treat.

Cold Brewed Coffee


  • 1 LB of your favorite coffee

note: a dark rich coffee blend works best, also a coarse grind (like a French press) if not available just use a regular grind.

  • 2 gallons water (8 quarts)

Combine Ingredients in a large container, half this if necessary. Now give it a stir making sure that the coffee meets with the water and let it steep a good 8 hours. After 8 or so hours you are going to filter it.

Use a strainer lined with cheese cloth if you have it, I find it works best. A paper towel or coffee filter would also work, now pour your mixture into another container through the filter.

This takes a little time so be patient making sure you get rid of the grounds. Chill in a tightly covered container. This will last up to a month.

Okay folks that is it, this makes that glorious concentration that you will use now fill a glass with ice, pour half full with your coffee concentration.


2% milk or half and half topped with

  • Irish Cream
  • French Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • A favorite 2 or 3 Tlbs. Eagle Condensed Milk with some 2% milk then add some caramel syrup

Any syrup you desire……… You can also add a dash of sugar but I find the syrups sweeten it up just fine.

Did you know this about Iced Coffee?

Soaking coffee vs., brewing reduces the acidity by up to 70% and takes away the bitterness, in fact this brewing method enhances the flavor of those glorious little coffee beans. So, if you are one of those that just love your coffee but you have trouble with the acidity bothering your stomach. then you must give this a try.

You will once again love your coffee without the belly ache!

Go ahead express yourself. Treat yourself daily. Experiment. And most importantly, ENJOY iced cold brew coffee!