Burlap-Coffee-Bags Anyone?

CIMG0061I remember when I was younger we used to have reunions with the families and we would play games. One of which was the two legged relay where you had two people each with one leg in a burlap bag or gunny sack is what we called it, the bell went off and you raced together toward the other side, trying to beat all other competitors. Funny what you remember. Those were the good ole days. Okay just so you don’t get the wrong idea….I’m not that old..

Today I see so many making or doing projects out of burlap bags, gunny sacks or for a better term ‘Hessian cloth’ which is really what it is . These bags are what the green beans come in before they are roasted. They come with the different stamps on them from the different regions of their origin.

Here are a few fun projects I came across that you might enjoy.

Note: Burlap-Coffee-Bags can be purchased and sent to you. They are all different in graphics,  colors and origin.

Craft Projects Galore

Coffee Bag Planter Pots: From our friends at apartment therapy they walk you through a how to make project here http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-coffee-bag-planter-151432   Here they turn pots into a work of art. What a fun idea to spice up an old pot.

Pillows: It’s crazy how folks are so creative. Another fabulous and O so cute idea. Check out beyondthescreendoor .com for a decor that is priceless using the Colombian bag. http://www.beyondthescreendoor.com/2012/01/burlap-coffee-sack-pillow.html

Burlap Coffee Bags: Oh my goodness, can you say bags galore.. Pinterest is a great resource for fun with fashion in the burlap-coffee-bag department. You can find how to’s on pillows, bags, lamp shades. seat covers, photo boards, cork boards, super cute bulletin boards and on and on. You could go burlap crazy. http://www.pinterest.com/explore/burlap-coffee-bags/ so many fun projects.

Go on, get that creative side a goin. Have some fun with burlap bags.CoffeeBean Heart

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