Roasting for Good

Fair working conditions and high quality farmersUtah Coffee Expressions takes pride in partnering with Roasters that support and protect the future of coffee and cacao.

Farmland that was once used to grow these resources are being abandoned due to farmers not being able to thrive with the difficulties of producing such a high quality bean. We support and represent the roasters that chose to dedicate their lives to making quality products and support the farmers using sustainable farming techniques.

To ensure the sustainability of coffees and cacaos we must give back to these farming communities.

utah coffee and chocolate The success of coffee and cacao is directly related to the quality of life of the farmers and their families. The harvest is only a few months out of the year thus the farmers are forced into looking elsewhere to provide for their family. The nations producing these high quality beans struggle with food poverty and coffee farmers in particular are faced with as many as eight months of hunger every year.

Our Roasters belong to and support economic diversification projects that are trying to break the poverty in coffees and cacao farming by providing a means of alternative resources of income to supplement the annual harvest. Teaching the communities how to cultivate and sell other crops that can be sold locally as well as raising animals that can be sold or consumed to ensure a year round income. Working with organizations that take special interests in ways of promoting a positive balance for fair working conditions, fair pricing along with education for conserving the land as well as the environment.

We believe in healthy products, and that starts with a healthy farming family.

Coffee has always been a start to my day but I had never really considered the lives of the families that labor to begin my day. It has only been from researching the roasters that I have found out what lies beyond my morning cups as well as the chocolate we eat. I will forever enjoy these with a far different admiration.

-Tina Vowles