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The journey began in Sandy Utah, a suburb outside of Salt Lake City, Utah in January 2012. We were on a search for a healthier way of life and decided that with these products so difficult to find in the supermarket we would share our passion with those who are also on a quest for a healthy lifestyle.

We love to start our day with a fresh brewed cup of coffee and end the night with the truly elegant combination of warm, rich, and seductive flavors of pure cacao tea. We’ve selected the best local roasters to bring to you the highest quality products. Our searches have brought us new and exciting joy, from fresh gourmet flavors to healthy choices that we are sure you will enjoy.  Utah Coffee Expressions takes great pride in delivering Utah’s finest locally roasted specialty coffees along with gourmet roasted cacao teas and chocolate.

Our Humble Beginnings

jerry bennet and tina vowles

We found that our favorite coffee was not just one flavor, but multiple flavors, and it was not just one coffee shop, but many. Fresh is the best!

The different variations in coffees that you could buy were just astounding. We began to find ourselves trying many different shops in search for higher quality, better flavors, and freshness.

Then we started to notice that we no longer enjoyed what we could get from the local market because the freshness and quality was different than that of the freshly roasted coffees we love. At that point, we realized there had to be many people out there that could not only benefit from our local products, but could enjoy that same freshness, quality, and passion in the finest specialty roasted coffees, and teas that we love.

Our goal is to bring to you the freshest and finest Specialty Coffees and Cacao Products, that are roasted right here in Utah.  We also are bringing you healthy frappes along with other products as we grow.  Our customers are like family and that makes us smile a little brighter. Thank you and we will always value your business.

We take pride in knowing that we are the start of your fabulous day, and possibly the end to your beautiful evening!

Tina and Jerry

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