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Celebrating 10 years in business! See why we are loved throughout Utah for our Coffee beans.

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The Perfect Coffee Blends

Each roaster has a unique profile for the perfect blend to bring a delightful cup to the morning, afternoon, or evening. Go ahead, express yourself!

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Experience Fine Chocolate

Arriba Nacional Cacao from Ecuador is the finest in the world! Beyond it’s fine flavor, heirloom cacao helps to improve longevity in your life.

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Passionate Roasters

Fueled by passion, the hard work and dedication of our experienced roasters keep them producing the freshest coffee, tea, and chocolates.

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Read recipes, history, and ideas about the latest our delicious culture has to offer.

Coffee is an affordable LUXURY

Do you know that cost of drinking coffee is cheaper than soft drinks, milk and even plain bottled water? When you stop to think about the social aspect of "THE MOST IMPORTANT" (just my opinion :+) & popular beverages (delicious, fresh brewed coffee), the value of...

Is Mocha Java Coffee A Chocolate Beverage?

One of the biggest misconception in this country about coffee is that many people believe Mocha Java coffee is a chocolaty drink. (Including my 17 years old daughter who is a frequent customer to Starbucks!) In fact, there is no chocolate in the Mocha or Java bean....